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Surf Training Success 3 Phase Program

This Surf-fitness Training Program represents the most comprehensive approach to surf performance training. 3 Phases of Progressive Training, comprised of 6 Complete Surf-Training Programs using the most advanced and essential surf training.

These 3 Phases and 6 Complete Surf Training Workouts offer you months of High Quality Surf Performance Training to bring you to a new level of performance in the water.

This 3 Phase program is the same effective and efficient process I take all of my clients through to become more powerful in the water, restore flexibility for dynamic movements in the surf, strengthen injury-prone joints to prevent missing sessions, and build true surf specific strength and endurance.

 Surf Training Success will teach you the keys to layering your exercises to achieve the most out of your workouts. Learn how to build the necessary foundations of stability, mobility, and flexibility, so you can safely and quickly progress through strength development, core integration training, and then explosive power development and surf-endurance training.

This program will revolutionize modern surf-training, and give you all the tools you need to be prepared to surf at your best, catch more waves, and fully enjoy your surf-time.





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